Alexander Spratt

Alec Spratt standing proudly outside his mill with his grandson.

In 1923, Alexander (Alec) Spratt began leasing the Mill business from Dickinson’s two sons, 26 years after Dickinson’s death. In 1928 purchased the Mill while the Dickinson family continued to live in the house until 1931 when Bessie (Moss’ daughter and last surviving family member) agreed to sell it to Alec.

A winter sleigh ride with the Spratt family.

Alec passed away in 1936 after a battle with brain cancer and his still existing waterfront lease with the Dickinson’s (now all deceased) was cancelled in 1940. However, Alec’s wife continued to run the business until 1946.

A young Harry Watson driving Spratt’s 1927 Chevy.