Timeline of Repairs

2008 – Concrete repairs were made to the top of the south east flume wall; the wall’s low spots were raised to prevent flume water from overflowing into the south east Mill wall.

2009, March – The Flume Wall Sealing Project occurs, and blue max coating is applied.

2009, December – On the second floor the ceiling timber beams are replaced, Gibson Timber Frames is hired to address issues of a growing long term crack.

2006 to 2010 – Window Restoration Project, Greg Toner completes the restoration of 37 sets of windows in the mill. Since the window restoration project in 2010, further restoration has been required on the windows. Thanks to funding provided by the City of Ottawa this has been possible. Work began in 2016 and continues by Rip Fletcher.

April 2013, Watson’s Mill roof under construction

2011 – The Fire Suppression (Sprinkler) System was installed, adding an extra layer of protection to the mill in case of a serious fire.

2013 – The Watson’s Mill Roof is replaced.

2014, August to November – Flume and Exterior East and North Wall Masonry and Mortar Repair Project – river bottom to base of first windows, complete replacement of exterior flume river wall. Also included Norcan refurbishing, painting and alignment of all turbines and complete cleanout of all flume and turbine room debris by Badger Daylighting Inc.

2019, Jack Forsberg’s team making repairs to the third floor grain elevator

2014, December to 2015, spring – Installation, of New Cedar Deck and Archway on Fume Exterior

2019, spring – The third floor grain elevator is repaired and restored by heritage carpenter Jack Forsberg and his team.