Accessibility & Site Conditions

Our site is comprised of three distinct heritage buildings. Due to the nature of each space, they each have certain limitations to be aware of. Please review the information below to ensure you are familiar with our site conditions and accessibility limitations.


Only the main floor of Watson’s Mill is accessible. The front entrance is large enough to accommodate a mobility device. However, there are no automatic doors and floors throughout the building are uneven and rough. The upper and lower floors of the building are only accessible via staircases, some of which are steep and/or narrow. We highly recommend holding onto all railings while navigating staircases in the Mill.

Watson’s Mill is not temperature controlled, so the interior of the building can be quite hot or quite cold depending on the time of year. The basement level is exposed to the Rideau River and is always very damp. There is no indoor plumbing or washroom facilities at the Mill. Bottled water is available for purchase on the main floor through our giftshop. There are benches directly outside of the Mill that visitors are welcome to make use of, and several chairs/benches placed along the first and second floors.

Generally, Watson’s Mill is a quiet, peaceful space. However, during milling demonstrations the original machinery is activated, and the building comes alive. This machinery is noisy and causes considerable vibrations throughout the building. Demonstrations generally take place between 1 and 3 pm each Sunday from May to October. Persons with hearing or sensory sensitivities may want to explore our other buildings during milling demonstrations.


Only the main floor of Dickinson House is accessible via a ramp located at the back of the building. However, entryways and interior doorways are quite narrow and may not accommodate all mobility devices. The second and third floors of Dickinson House are only accessible via stairs.

Generally, Dickinson House is a quiet, peaceful space.

Dickinson House is temperature controlled, with both air conditioning and heating throughout the building. There are no public washroom facilities within Dickinson House. There is a seating area in the lobby where visitors are welcome to take a rest. There are also several picnic tables and a few chairs on the lawn in front of the house.


The Carriage Shed houses the administrative office, the Used Book Store, and Washroom Facilities. The Book Store and Office are both temperature-controlled spaces.

Please note that the Carriage Shed building is not accessible. Although there is wooden ramp to enter the building, there are no automatic doors and there are several lips/ledges and uneven flooring to manoeuvre.

Washrooms and the Used Book Store are located on the main floor. There are two stalls that are large enough to accommodate mobility devices, but the washrooms are not fully accessible. We highly recommend assistance to ensure safe access and use of the washroom facilities.

The Administrative Office for Watson’s Mill Manotick Inc. is located on the second floor, and only accessible via stairs.

Both the Dickinson House and Carriage Shed are owned by the City of Ottawa.