Educational Programs

Watson’s Mill provides exceptional curriculum based educational programs that are ideal for elementary level classes, as well as special interest groups such as the Girl Guides or Scouts. Our hands-on approach is designed to encourage student participation and exploration.

Our programs are tailored to suit each group’s individual needs and aim to cover core curriculum points in Science and Technology, Mathematics, Social Studies, History, and Geography.

Programs are available weekdays from May – October. Each program costs $4.00 per participant, with free admission for teachers and chaperones.

Please note that our Educational Programs require advance reservations, and groups arriving without reservations cannot be accommodated. Contact the Programming and Visitor Experience Manager at 613-692-6455 or to start planning your visit today!

Our Most Popular Program: Simple Machines
This program explores the use of Simple Machines (levers, inclined planes, wheels & axles, wedges, pulleys, and the screw) and how they are used to make work in our everyday lives easier. Watson’s Mill is filled with simple machines and students will be able to explore their uses through a variety of hands-on-activities.

Appropriate for Grades 2-4

Core Curriculum:
Gr 2: Science and Technology – Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Movement
Gr 3:  Science and Technology – Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Forces Causing Movement
Gr 4: Science and Technology – Understanding Structures and Mechanisms, Pulleys and Gears