Ann Crosby Currier

One of the most prominent personalities connected to Watson’s Mill is Ann Crosby Currier of Lake George N.Y. Ann was the second wife of the Mill’s co-founder Joseph Currier. Joseph and Ann were married in 1861 and then attended a celebration to commemorate the Mill’s successful first year of operation.

While descending the stairs from the attic to the second floor, the skirt of Ann’s dress was caught in a revolving drive shaft. She was pulled off her feet and thrown against a nearby support pillar. She was killed instantly.

Joseph Currier was so distraught by the death of his wife that he sold his shares in the Mill to his business partner and left Manotick. He then moved to Ottawa where he married for a 3rd time and built 24 Sussex Drive-the traditional residence of Canada’s Prime Minister.

There are claims that Ann’s spirit has not left Watson’s Mill. It is said that on dreary days she can still be seen staring out of the second-floor windows. Several people have claimed to hear lady-like footsteps coming from the second floor even though there is no one upstairs, and still others swear they have been grabbed by unseen hands on the stairs. Perhaps it is Ann ensuring no one else shares her fate.