Milling & Flour


See and feel Watson’s Mill come to life!
Watson’s Mill holds public flour grinding demonstrations weekly.
May to October, Sundays, 1 – 3pm.

Though normally consistent the grinding demonstration schedule may vary, please confirm with the Watson’s Mill Manotick Inc. Office regarding dates and time.

Please be aware that during milling demonstrations the noise level significantly increases inside the building. We suggest auditory protection for young children and those sensitive to sound.

Flour Purchasing

Our fresh stone-ground whole wheat flour is available for sale from May to October.

Flour can be purchased after the end of the milling season, while supplies last.
For availability please contact our Office.


2 lbs
5 lbs
10 lbs
50 lbs

*50 lbs bags must be ordered in advance.

Watson’s Mill Bread

Watson’s Mill’s famously delicious Honey Oat Bread is baked fresh by Take Another Bite, one of Manotick’s preeminent cafés.

Exclusively for sale at Watson’s Mill, our Honey Oat Bread can be purchased every Saturday and Sunday morning starting at 10am from May to October, as well as at our annual Christmas Craft Market in November and December.

Our bread has a devoted fan base and sells out quickly, so don’t miss your chance!

Honey Oat Bread


Head Millers

W. M. Harvey
Owen O’Conner
John Scott
John O’Conner

Alexander Spratt

Gordon Ferris
Harry Watson
Milling Ceases
Ole Steeridge
Reg Weedmark
Frank Deguire
Mike McGuire
Bill Schaubs
Chris Innes

1860 – 1864
1865 – 1876
1877 – 1892
1893 – 1900
1901 – 1927
1928 – 1936
1938 – 1943
1943 – 1963
1963 – 1974
1974 – 1980
1981 – 1984
1984 – 1987
1988 – 2001
2001 – 2013
2013 – Present

Today our Millers are trained volunteers, however in 1860 they were highly skilled tradesmen. In 1860 the Head Miller was paid $1.50/hour and Mill Laborers paid $1.00/hour. The Head Miller also received 1/12th of each flour grind a standard across the British Empire.